Magicolor Plus Print Board Captureboard®

Simplify the output of your meetings with magicolor plus Print Board Solutions from Konica Minolta. Designed to print and save color copies of your meeting notes and drawings, the PLUS M-12 Copyboard and C-12 CaptureBoard easily connect to your magicolor 1600W, magicolor 1680MF, or magicolor 1690MF printer via a USB cable. The CaptureBoard also allows you to "Capture" a projected image with written notes and comments into a single file on your computer.

Print Board Solutions are flexible and are designed for double duty. Select from the magicolor 1600W printer for compact, high performance printing, the magicolor 1680MF printer for print, copy, scan functionality, or the magicolor 1690MF printer for all-in-one print, copy, scan, and fax functionality.

Magicolor Plus Print Board

  • Two Writable Screen Surfaces. Use your print board just as you would any white board by writing directly on the surface with a dry-erase marker. The print board has two writing surfaces for extra capacity.

  • Unique "Capture" Function. Available only on C-12 CaptureBoards. The capture function allows you "capture" the image projected on the screen along with all of the notes and comments written on the screen into a single file on your computer! The saved file can then be printed or emailed.

  • Print in Color and B&W. Output prints in full-color or B&W using your magicolor plus. Printers are designed to capture details and highlights.

  • Flexible Saving Functions. Save to USB or to your PC easily using your print board. Files save in standard formats including PDF, JPG or PNG.

  • Easy Connection. Quickly connects your print board to your printer via a USB 2.0 interface.

  • One-Button Operation. Print your meeting notes and drawings with the push of a button. The sheet scrolls to the left to be scanned, for simple intuitive operation.

  • Standard or Wide Format. Print boards are available in two sizes: standard which measures 51.2" x 36.2" or wide format which measures 70.9" x 36.2".

  • Three Printer Options. Print Board Solutions work in tandem with Konica Minolta magicolor laser printers to deliver high-quality printed documents in color and B&W. Three printer options are available to work with your print board: the magicolor 1600W is a compact, high performance laser printer that offers quiet operation; the magicolor 1680MF is an all-in-one printer that prints, copies, and scans; and the magicolor 1690MF is an all-in-one printer that prints, copies, scans and faxes.